David Powers

Author, Trainer, Web Developer

David Powers

David Powers started developing websites in 1994 while at the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). He’d just taken on the role of Editor at BBC Japanese TV, and needed a way to advertise the fledgling channel in Japan despite having no advertising budget. So he begged the IT department for a corner of server space and developed an 80-page bilingual website, which he regularly maintained for the next five years.

In 1999, after three decades as a radio and TV journalist, David left the BBC to work independently. He created multilingual websites for several leading clients, including the Embassy of Japan in London and Oxford Analytica. In 2003, he decided to combine his professional writing and editing expertise with his passion for the web, and began writing books on web development. In more than a dozen books he has explained complex technical subjects in a jargon-free style that’s easy to understand and equally appealing to both beginners and experienced web developers.

David is an Adobe Community Professional and Adobe Certified Instructor for Dreamweaver. He can often be found giving help and advice in the Dreamweaver forums and Adobe Developer Center, to which he has contributed many popular tutorials and training videos.

He greatly enjoys traveling and taking photos, has translated a number of musical plays from Japanese into English, and likes nothing better than sushi with a glass or two of cold sake.