Using Layer Masks for Image Editing in Adobe Photoshop CS5: Learn by Video

Leverage the Power and Creativity of Layer Masks

Layer masks are one of the most powerful features of Photoshop, enabling you to create seamless composite images and apply targeted adjustments and creative effects to any part of your image. In this Learn by Video workshop published in partnership with Peachpit Press, digital imaging expert Tim Grey begins by explaining the basic concepts of layer masking and how to create layer masks using Photoshop’s automated features. Then he teaches you how to use layer masks to create composite images and make targeted adjustments. You’ll also learn advanced techniques like mask cleanup and working with multiple masks. And finally, you’ll apply your newly acquired skills to projects that pull together everything you’ve learned.
ISBN Code: 978-0-321-78689-0
June, 2011
Duration: 3 hrs 14 min
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