Learning Autodesk Maya 2013: A Video Introduction

Create Stunning 3D Visual Effects

Maya is the premier 3D animation and effects program used to create visual effects for everything from movies and animations to games and commercials. In this course, published in association with our partners at Sybex (a Wiley imprint), trainers Ellery Connell and Dariush Derakhshani are your guides to this complex and powerful program. You’ll begin with the basics, touring the interface and learning how to create basic polygonal, subdivision surface, and NURBS models. Then you’ll learn the fundamentals of shading, lighting, and rendering, as well as basic animation techniques and how to use the mental ray rendering system. There’s never been an easier way to learn Autodesk Maya.
ISBN Code: 978-1-1184-6597-4
October, 2012
Duration: 8 hrs 26 min
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