Introducing Adobe Premiere Elements 10: Learn by Video

Make Movies the Easy Way

Premiere Elements 10 is a movie-making powerhouse disguised as a user-friendly consumer application. If you are starting out with a camera and want to discover what you can do with all those holiday videos or if you have experimented with basic video editing and want to get more creative, Premiere Elements is for you. In this Learn by Video workshop published in partnership with Peachpit Press, Maxim Jago shows you how to get fantastic results with simplicity and lots of fun. After building your familiarity with the various panels, options, and buttons, you’ll begin to make movies with edits, special effects, titles, and graphics. Then you’ll learn how to share your masterpieces with friends both online and on DVD, as well as with Premiere Elements 10’s new Web DVD feature.
ISBN Code: 978-0-321-81212-4
October, 2011
Duration: 3 hrs 30 min
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