Digital Publishing Suite Workshop

Discover a New Kind of Publishing

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is an exciting new set of tools for creating rich, interactive, and immersive reading experiences for tablet devices, and with the release of InDesign CS5.5, it is now available to any user and designer. In this cutting-edge workshop from design and imaging expert Colin Fleming, you’ll get up and running with the tools and workflows involved in this new type of publishing for Apple, RIM, and Android tablets. You’ll create a number of folios, layouts, and types of interactivity, including Image Sequences, which allow readers to control the playback of images as they would with a flipbook to show time lapse imagery or move around a 3D object. In addition to the creative aspects of DPS, you’ll also learn about the tools it offers to help publishers monetize digital content, including distribution tools and analytics. After completing this course, you’ll know how to get the most from the myriad capabilities of the Digital Publishing Suite.
July, 2011
Duration: 4 hrs 46 min
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