Color Correction in Premiere Pro

Analyze and Optimize the Color in Your Video

Color correction is one of those sets of skills many editors put off for another day — partly because they can make do with simple adjustments, and partly because many of the controls and options are a little alien. In this course, master editor Maxim Jago demystifies color correction and gives detailed explanations of the key controls, options, workflows, and best practices for color correction with Premiere Pro. After being introduced to the standard tools for measuring color and light, you’ll learn about the Fast Color Corrector, the Three-Way Color Corrector, and other color correction effects. You’ll also learn how to fix and match color with presets, as well as how to use After Effects and third-party plug-ins to do the few things that Premiere Pro can’t do. After competing this workshop you’ll have all the skills you need to “fix it in post.”
September, 2011
Duration: 2 hrs 49 min
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